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require_once( "$IP/extensions/CharInsert/CharInsert.php" );

Edittools installation summary

Here is the step by step installation instructions for Edittools, in conjunction with the CharInsert extension. For Edittools to work properly, the code on this page must remain as is.

  • Create a MediaWiki:Edittools page in your wiki, and add the code from this page.
  • Create a MediaWiki:Edittools.js page in your wiki, and add the code from this page.
  • Create a MediaWiki:Common.css in your wiki, and add the code from the extra buttons for edit dialog section of this page.
  • Create a MediaWiki:Common.js in your wiki and add the following code. If the page with code exists, add it to the bottom of the page. MediaWiki:Common.js
function includePage( name )
 document.write('<script type="text/javascript" src="' + wgScript + '?title='
  + name 
  + '&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript"><\/script>' 
/* End of includePage */
/* Including extra .js pages */ 
// switches for scripts
// var load_extratabs = true;
var load_edittools = true;
// extra drop down menu on editing for adding special characters
includePage( 'MediaWiki:Edittools.js' );

You need sysop right to create and edit these files. Save everything, refresh your browser cache, then try editing some page. Those steps work for me at least. I get the edittools with button and drop down list. These instructions are gathered from the discussion below. Thanks for your comments.