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  • MediaWiki - Extensions:Drafts ermöglicht eine automatische serverseitige Zwischenspeicherung von Änderungen.


require_once( "$IP/extensions/Drafts/Drafts.php" );
               // Seconds to wait before automatically saving the draft, 
               // if $egDraftsAutoSaveInputBased is set, the user needs 
               // to be inactive for this time, for autosave to work
               $egDraftsAutoSaveWait = 120;
               // Seconds to wait until giving up on a response from the server
               $egDraftsAutoSaveTimeout = 10;
               // If true the auto save is based on user input and draft is 
               // saved only when user stops typing for the specified time, 
               // otherwise it save the draft even if user is typing.
               $egDraftsAutoSaveInputBased = false;
               // Days since last change to keep drafts in the database
               $egDraftsLifeSpan = 30;
               // Ratio of times which drafts should be removed from the
               // database when a list of drafts is requested
               $egDraftsCleanRatio = 1000;

Database Update

After installation you should run the maintenance script to get the database ready for the extension.

php maintenance/update.php