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require_once( "$IP/extensions/JSBreadCrumbs/JSBreadCrumbs.php" );
               // Set bread crumbs enabled for users by default
               // Required if you want anonymous users to get bread crumbs
               // Default: false
               $wgDefaultUserOptions['jsbreadcrumbs-showcrumbs'] = true;
               // Number of breadcrumbs to display by default
               // Default: 5
               $wgDefaultUserOptions['jsbreadcrumbs-numberofcrumbs'] = 5;
               // Whether or not to show the site name before bread crumb links
               // Useful when using wiki farms, where the wikis share the same cookie path
               // Default: false
               $wgDefaultUserOptions['jsbreadcrumbs-showsite'] = false;
               // Separator to display
               // This option is localized, and should be changed at translatewiki.net
               // if you are wanting it changed for your language. Otherwise, if you
               // don't like the separator symbol, you can override it with this setting.
               // Default: »
               $wgJSBreadCrumbsSeparator = "»";
               // Cookie path for breadcrumbs
               // Default is "/", which will cause the breadcrumbs to cross
               // wikis for wikis on the same domain. If you prefer the breadcrumbs
               // to be unique per wiki, set this to your wiki's directory. For instance,
               // if you had http://example.org/wiki and http://example.org/sandbox, you'd
               // want to set this to "/wiki/" in that wiki's LocalSettings.php.
               $wgJSBreadCrumbsCookiePath = "/";